What I Do

business consultations

Sometimes you just need someone to sit down with, have a meltdown to and then brainstorm ideas to help you move forward.

We'll spend 60 minutes together diving straight into any marketing and branding challenges, before discussing ways to catapult your business and how to position your brand from a marketing perspective.  

After our session, I will send through a one-page plan outlining your next steps. Depending on your location, our session can be held in person, by phone or Skype.

These sessions are bite-size gems to help get your goals and focus back on track. There's no such thing as a stupid question, I will be all ears to your burning challenges. I aim to give you honest feedback and support so you can prevent wasting time, energy and money. 


business strategy

Maybe you have been running your business for several years and have tried all sorts of marketing. Or maybe you are a start up. Either way, you want to get your marketing right

You don't want to blend into the marketplace but you're not sure how to be seen. You understand the importance of creating an awesome brand but know you're not yet there. You want to be armed with the tools and knowledge to be all over your marketing, every single day. 

So, let's sit down, dig deep into your business and map out the best marketing approach and activities. We'll get you feeling clear, confident and focused about your marketing going forward. 


social media and marketing

Maybe you need one off marketing tasks completed or maybe you need someone to be more involved in the day to day marketing and social media of your business.  

I am available to be an extension of your team and work from your office or can just be at your call to pull together an email newsletter, blog post or manage your social media channels. 



Your brand is much more than just your logo. It's the way your business looks, sounds and feels. 

First, we will book a strategy session to discover your brand values, selling points, key messages and personality. We'll then use this information to create your positioning statement before uncovering your brand's value. 

After this session, I'll bring in one of my awesome design partners to turn our strategy into a visual representation. This includes your logo and any collateral your brand requires. Part of this process also involves setting you up with knowing what images, colours, fonts and words are the best ones for you to use across your website, social media and and marketing collateral.



You're going to waste money and energy if you're promoting your business and directing people to your website when it doesn't have beautiful images, compelling copy and clear call to actions. Your website needs to work hard for you.

Whether you prefer Squarespace, Bigcommerce or Shopify, I will be right there with you, helping create a website that meets your business needs, has room to grow with your business and looks top notch. If you prefer to use another platform - that's ok. I will bring in an expert to bring our vision to life.


Personal Coaching

Either in person or via a video call, let's go through your current blocks and challenges. One by one. In this session we can go through an area of your life where you're currently feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or unhappy.

Below is an example of the areas I can help you with:

  • Unlocking your big idea into focus and taking inspired action to make it happen
  • Navigating through a time of change with ease
  • Motivation and focus overhaul
  • Relationship building
  • Communication tactics 
  • Strengthening your intuition
  • Introducing mindfulness, balance and routines that work for you